Specialist Desserts

As well as ice cream, gelato and sorbet, we also make a range of desserts.


These include a brownie slab with a choice of ice cream flavours sandwiched between two slabs. This can be portioned and dressed  as a dessert to any menu. 

Ice Cream sandwiches are popular for functions and events.
Flavour choices: 

1. Two chocolate biscuits with a centre of couverture dark chocolate ice cream, dipped in dark chocolate.

2. Vanilla, almond meal based biscuits covered in a home made strawberry paste, with our signature vanilla bean ice cream in the centre.


Other desserts include a terrine, flavour combinations are able to be dictated by the chef, individual ice cream or sorbet moulds (covered in acetate paper for a smooth edge) in a variety of flavours, mini ice cream cones, bon bons,  and many other options. Our dessert range is endless.  Just ask us and we can make a dessert to your specifications. 

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