Specialist Desserts

Standard Ice Cream Sandwiches 

Two chocolate biscuits with a centre of couverture dark chocolate ice cream, dipped in dark chocolate.


Vanilla, almond meal based biscuits covered in a home made strawberry paste, with our signature vanilla bean ice cream in the centre.

Specialised Ice Cream Sandwiches

Activated Charcoal, Matcha, Beetroot, Cracked Pepper and any flavour you want us to create biscuits with ice cream flavours to match.


Black sesame, matcha, raspberry, tomato and basil. Just to name a few. 

A flexible chocolate ganache 

A non ice cream option. A chocolate jelly or a flexible chocolate ganache dessert is a simple and delicious dessert ready to plate up with extras.


We also make fruit pastes and soils so you can mix and match to form your own dessert. 

Fudge Brownie Slab

Two large fudge brownies with any flavoured ice cream sandwiched between the slabs. This can be cut into small portions and decorated as individual desserts. Also available in a matcha flavour as well as gluten free options. 

Mini cones and bon bons

Quick serve desserts or for a dessert platters, mini cones with a variety of decorations and individual bon bons are a delectable treat. 

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