Ekka Strawberry Sundaes

Where to buy?


The Virtual Ekka in 2020 will feature the unique Ekka traditions with their show food icons including the strawberry sundaes  which are such a staple in the life of Queenslanders. 

There will be an Ekka pop up and many other pop ups around the city during the 10 days of the Ekka including King George Square from 7-9 August. 

There is also the opportunity to purchase 'Make your Own Sundaes' for workplaces and at home. Click on this link  to find out how to order.  Remembering that by purchasing a pack you are supporting vital research of The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation (the Common Good).  Their aim is to sell 60,000 sundaes this year without being at the actual Ekka. 


Keep in touch with our social media to find out more about the pop up stalls and the days of operation over the coming weeks. 

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