Our Offerings to Restaurants

We handcraft premium gourmet ice cream, gelato and sorbets for restaurants, events and functions centres and major hotel chains throughout Queensland.  

Our aim is to ease the restaurant kitchen by producing high quality ice cream and desserts in our Brisbane kitchen. We are able to assist in menu development and produce any combination of flavours that may be added to an existing dessert.  We have over 900 flavours of ice cream, sorbet and gelato on our database and are adding new ones each week. 

Our ice cream is all hand churned and we use REAL cream, egg yolk and sugar.  there are no additives or preservatives unless the Chef specifies a particular ingredient that may include these. 

We also make coconut cream based ice cream and a variety of other non dairy, gluten free and vegan options. 

For all orders, there is a minimum order of 2 x 5 litre tubs as produce in 10 litre batches. 


If you have any enquiries, contact us:


0484 290 907 or info@lickicecream.com.au

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